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Pagirvu: The joy of sharing

Promoters of Agriculture & Green Initiatives for Rural and Village Upliftment

In economics, Pagirvu - distribution - is how the produce, income or wealth is distributed among producers and consumers.


Pagirvu was founded to ensure better returns for farmers and agro-manufacturers by purchasing their produce at a fair price, come rain or shine.

It is then made available for urban people to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Through these two steps, we aim to promote organic and sustainable farming and thereby improve the quality of our environment.

Pagirvu also runs retail franchise stores (f5 Store) to ensure better market for the produce sourced from farmers. Explore here.

Yellow Lentils

Every seed is hand-picked, sowed with love,
nurtured with care, aimed to share -
health, wealth and prosperity with
everyone in the line, from farmers to people.
Pagirvu interplays between you and them.

Free Range Poultry Farm

Future of Pagirvu

Our intention is to eliminate middlemen and empower farmers. So the next stage of growth for Pagirvu would be to create a co-operative of farmers who would control the supply chain and own the revenue among themselves.

This revolution will not be possible without collaboration. If you are an agricultural enthusiast, get in touch to see how you can help. 

Woman in a Field
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