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Do you realize what you are eating?

Treat your body with respect. Consume consciously.

Welcome to Pagirvu

Sharing the goodness of nature with all

​Pagirvu is a social enterprise that promotes good health in people, increases returns for farmers and revives the nature. We achieve this through:​

  • Supporting organic and sustainable agriculture

  • Providing market support to inorganic farmers while encouraging them to adopt organic methods

  • Sourcing agro produce directly from farmers

  • Creating a fair price market for all farmers

  • Making the produce accessible for the urban population

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How we work?

Most organic farming and trading companies talk about "Farm to Home" model, where the farm produce is delivered direct to your home.

At Pagirvu, we respect the farm as much as our home. To ensure sustainable farming we go by the "Farm 2 Farm" model ideated by our green partners (see here and here) where we give back to the farm and promote circular economy in agriculture and retail market.

Farm 2 farm model

Identifying, training and supporting farmers for conversion to organic farming (achieved by F5Green)

Procuring the produce directly from farmers at a fair price (achieved by Pagirvu)

Waste collection, composting and giving back to farmers for use as natural fertilizers (achieved by Venkson)

Transporting, processing and distributing the produce among consumers, retail stores and restaurants (achieved by Pagirvu)

Promise yourself good food

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Egg & Milk

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Want to be a good friend of Land, Air and Water?

Become a Partner

Are you a corporate or an institution interested in organic farming and willing to give back to our ecosystem? We can help you do this with excellent returns on investment. Join hands with us to achieve Pagirvu's mission.

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